Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Visit to the Zoo

Well, I've been terrible about posting, but it hasn't been out of lack of interest. In fact, I've really wanted to write reviews of three concerts (Lang Lang, Yo-Yo Ma and Norah Jones) and several movies, but unfortunately life has had other plans for me. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a bit about Lang Lang, at the very least. There's lots to be written about him, stereotypes about Asian musicians, and the current state of classical music.

This blog is here to stay and here are a few snapshots (I emphasize "snapshots" as my DSLR was taken in for repair) from a recent trip to D.C., where I spent several hours at the Washington Zoo. Zoos are obviously controversial places and seeing a group of "feeder" goldfish petrified in the four corners of a rather nightmarish looking aquatic snake’s tank reminded me of this. At the same time, though, so many people, particularly those in urban environments, are divorced from nature, at least ostensibly. The separation of 'civilization' from ‘nature’ has had terrible consequences on our environment, and without zoos, this separation would be even more pronounced.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures and please check back soon as I promise reviews of both Cloud Atlas and Skyfall. 

I've been to a number of major zoos, but the Washington Zoo is probably my favorite. 

A different kind of zoo


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